Marjorie Foxx

Marjorie Foxx is a poet, novelist, newspaper columnist, gamer, and cat lover who grew up in Minnesota. She has previously published work as Helen Ostman and Helen Marjorie. Her first book was an illustrated children’s poetry book called Fairy Rhymes by Helen Marjorie which is available for purchase as an e-book or paperback on The author has published poetry online on her blog White Fox Silver Crow and as the user Wordsmith on the site Fifteen Minutes of Fiction. The Talisman’s Tale is her first full length fantasy novel. Follow her on Twitter @Marjorie_Foxx

When schoolteacher Joe Johnson discovers a mysterious looking coin in the school parking lot he never imagines it is really a magical talisman that is about to send him on a dangerous adventure in another realm, one filled with warlocks, apothecaries, dragons, and evil wizards. It will be up to Joe and the new friends he makes along to way to save both realms from a terrible fate.

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The Talisman's Tale by Marjorie Foxx
The Talisman’s Tale by Marjorie Foxx


GrousyGirl (Jennifer) is a teacher, tea-drinker and cat-lover living in Minnesota. She likes science, the paranormal, and all animals (even the ugly ones). You can find her on Instagram @grousygirl or check out her Redbubble shop.

Urban Yard Plants: This 33-page zine includes illustrations and text to help you identify and learn about common yard plants–often known as weeds. I hope you learn a little more about the plants all around you, and maybe it’ll even inspire you to keep your own nature journal. Paper copies for sale: $4 (half-letter size). Digital download: $2. DM @grousygirl on Instagram.

Urban Yard Plants by GrousyGirl
Urban Yard Plants by GrousyGirl

Miss Cat-Face Gets Dressed: A silly 6-page comic zine about a modern cat-faced teenager who lives with her Victorian parents. This is the first installment, with hopefully more to follow someday soonish! Read it on mixam here. Paper copies (A5 size) for sale: $2. DM @grousygirl on Instagram.

Miss Cat-Face Gets Dressed by GrousyGirl
Miss Cat-Face Gets Dressed by GrousyGirl