KC Zine Con #6!

We’re really excited to table at the virtual KC Zine Con this year! Interested in purchasing any of our zines? email us at fanminnetastic at gmail dot com!

Marjorie Foxx

Marjorie Foxx is a poet, novelist, newspaper columnist, gamer, and cat lover who grew up in Minnesota. She has previously published work as Helen Ostman and Helen Marjorie. Her first book was an illustrated children’s…


GrousyGirl (Jennifer) is a teacher, tea-drinker and cat-lover living in Minnesota. She likes science, the paranormal, and all animals (even the ugly ones). You can find her on Instagram @grousygirl or check out her Redbubble…

Rebel, Vol 2, Issue 1

This time Rebel looks at Cam’s travels abroad, namely her 2018 trip to Berlin, Germany. Cam writes in a stream of consciousness way about various adventures on the trains in Berlin.

Rebel, Vol. 1, Issue 2

In this issue, Cujo talks about life on the Reservation, also a brief trip to the Czech Republic in the early 2000’s. Like other issues of Rebel, it’s a quarter-sized zine, in full color.